Titanium Bar and Lounge on Main Street in Middletown, CT

A few years after we completed Esca Wine Bar the Bramato family called us to add some flair to their newest venture run by their son Gaetano Bramato, named Titanium Bar and Lounge. After talking with the son I realized that other than painting the walls black and adding some super awesome bars there was no real ideas for the walls. Immediately I thought big and bold murals for this Middletown restaurant. Black and white with a touch of color, simple yet sexy. Murals in Middletown Connecticut has become somewhat of a passion for me since I grew up here. Adding these murals meant more to me than just creating a stylish club experience. Once I was able to get the son on board I created the murals and stretched them at their Middletown Main street location for hanging. Still not enough though. Titanium night club had all these light boxes buried in the basement and Gaetano Bramato wanted to use them to hang. He want random designs so I came up with a cool set of painted designs for the set of them. I also included my name upside down on one of them. Can you see it? As the project continued we added the scrolls behind the downstairs and upstairs bars using a metallic gold paint a top of a black base. The final touch was a silver leafed Titanium logo over 15 feet wide opposite the main bar. Titanium Bar and Nightclub ended up becoming a great project for this Connecticut muralist. Hope you enjoy.

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