Madison Beach Hotel – Mural in Madison, CT

A true passion of mine has always been painting murals in restaurants. A few years back, my father told me about a new hotel being built in Madison.  Located at 94 West Wharf Road right on Long Island Sound in Madison, CT, the Madison Beach Hotel has a view of the ocean like no other.  This brand new, high-end hotel includes a gourmet restaurant, luxurious spa, and just over 30 beautifully appointed rooms.  The grounds include a large grassy area where the hotel shows family movies and hosts concert and art shows during the summer.  Madison Beach Hotel had a classy reputation even before it officially opened!

The Madison Beach Hotel is an amazing place that words can hardly describe!

My father suggested I contact the hotel to see if they would want any of my art.  I put out some feelers and made a couple of calls, all to no avail.  It wasn’t until a couple of years later that a friend I have known for over 20 years ended up getting me in to meet with one of the owners.  It is then that I first met Dawn Duques, the owner of the Madison Beach Hotel.  Dawn is a tiny lady, delicate and elegant.  She is strong without having to state it and some might say she embodies a perfect mix of traits.  I enjoyed sitting with her and coming up with ideas for this mural.  Most of it evolved from an original idea until we settled on an interesting mix of culture, entertainment, and history.  It is through our conversation I was able to gain insight into Mrs. Duques’s interests from key words like french bistro, evening gala, and, later on a representation of her father in law, husband, herself and son.  I found that we worked very well together and would come up with really creative ideas.  With this information I was able to create a composition that would work for the space.  It had to have a certain standard.  The Madison Beach Hotel has been referred to more than once as something out of the book The Great Gatsby and I agree.  It is a gorgeous retreat and I needed to make sure that the mural I created would stand its own ground without being overpowering.  Using warm tones and highlights I felt I was able to capture the feel that not only represented the Madison Beach Hotel but also the family values that Mrs Duques’s holds dear.

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