Kitchen Nighmares Season 2 Episode 11

Kitchen Nighmares with Gordon Ramsey by FOX – 04/11/2010

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In this episode of Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon visits Flemming’s trying to revive this Danish restaurant in Miami, Florida.  We got the nod to participate in this project and quickly flew down to help out.  Once there the full scope of the job we were to do was apparent and we dove right in.  A full night of painting outside came to a screeching hault after an unexpected storm rolled in threatening to ruin the work we already started.  After we scurried inside with all we had started we were able to move on to the interior walls.  As the hours rolled by and sunset was around the corner we worked fast and hard to finish up the interior walls of the NEW Flemming’s restaurant.



About Patrick Ganino

Connecticut Mural Artist Patrick Ganino is widely recognized as innovative and talented within his field of decorative arts.

Connecticut murals from residential to some of your favorite restaurants, Patrick Ganino has a prolific portfolio that ranges in topic and size.

He approaches each commission with an eye for the client’s individual taste and style, a passion for creating unique and lasting designs, and a wealth of experience in delighting even the most exacting clients. CT mural artist Patrick Ganino is the owner of Creative Evolution, a full-service decorative painting company that has operated in Connecticut and surrounding states since 1999. His clients have included successful business owners, celebrities, and high-profile interior designers. His work has been featured in many newspaper and magazine articles, yet his responsiveness and personal dedication to clients remains his first priority.

Over the past few years, CT mural artist Patrick Ganino has also been involved in television work for shows such as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Bar Rescue, Tabitha’s Salon Takeover, and Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. His ability to work under pressure and quickly adapt in order to meet strict deadlines enables him to successfully complete these demanding projects.