Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Connecticut

It was an amazing experience working on Extreme Makeover Home Edition in Connecticut!  Extreme Makeover Home Edition’s Connecticut episode was a project I will never forget.  I worked with a dedicated team on the set. Understanding the time restraint, the entire team worked tediously.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition:  The Experience

Extreme Home Makeover:  The Interior

Working with such a beautiful interior was an honor.  The architecture of the space was original and stunning.  The color palette was soft, incorporating neutrals.  We really wanted to capture the serene elements of nature.  The mountains outlining the room really guide your eye upward.  It was amazing to step back and see the finished product.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Connecticut

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Extreme Makeover Patrick Ganino

Interior Mural Extreme Makeover

The Team: On Site

Extreme Makeover Home Edition was a project I loved working on; one of the best parts of the experience was the team.  Working with such talented and dedicated artists was an honor.  The entire group had such great energy and really put their heart into their work.

Extreme Makeover Patrick Ganino

Patrick Ganino Extreme Makeoverextreme-home-makeonver-

Extreme Makeover Behind the Scenes