Chinoiserie mural hand painted in Fairfield, CT

hand painted chinoiserie

Chinoiserie murals are slowly becoming my favorite style of painting.  Although I tend to be quite hyper and love large scale murals because I can’t work across them with speed I am finding the patience that is needed for hand painted chinoiserie murals is a challenge that is welcomed.  Once I calm myself and sit to paint it I find I am able to get into the mural painting zone needed and then it becomes almost therapeutic.  This particular chinoiserie mural was painted for interior designer Amy Hirsch and as an added bonus is it was featured in Athome magazine.  When Amy approached me to paint this mural I was super excited. This was the second chinoiserie mural I would be painting for her and I always love her sense of style.  For this project she wanted to be bold and use these dark charcoal tones which I thought was fabulous.  The darker the batter as far as I am concerned but I have a heavy hand to begin with.  When designing this mural we wanted to stay pretty monochromatic with the colors but still have the design stand out and be the wow factor of the room.  It was not hard to do that with the charcoal background as you can see with the pop of the trees in the pictures below.  In the second picture you can see all the details that go into this style of painting ultimately explaining why it takes so long to paint.  I hope you enjoyed this project, if you would like to see more of our works visit our gallery section and please feel free to follow us on facebook for up to date photos from projects as they are finished.