Dennis Rodman mural

I had the honor of creating this Dennis Rodman mural as a giveaway to Dennis Rodman’s fan base.  This giveaway is hosted on and is signed by Dennis himself.

dennis rodman and patrick ganino mural

I’ve started painting portraits almost 20 years ago.  The majority of the time, no matter how accurate I am in my painting, I feel a lot of the energy of the finished piece comes from the composition and the subject of the painting.  Being a huge fan of the Chicago Bulls growing up, I found it amazing to watch Dennis Rodman play basketball.  I can’t think of a subject more exciting to the viewer or more interesting to me as a painter.   Dennis effortlessly exudes all of the energy and excitement that makes a portrait great.  As an artist, I couldn’t ask for a better
Dennis Rodman mural
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mural of dennis rodman by patrick ganino