Metro Movies Mural

The Metro Movies Mural resides in Middletown, CT and is over 3000 square feet.  In this mural I painted 9 large scale portraits of local residents and added my children and wife in there as well.  The mural faces route 9 and will be seen by a million people a year.

finished mural

This project was conceived in February of 2016 and I started the project in August after going through the planning process with the town.  Once it was approved I created a game plan that allowed me to move freely through the project in a timely manner.  The entirety of the Metro Movies Mural was 23 days.

Press received during project:

MIddletown Press

Fox 61 News

Hartford Courant

Fox 61 News (with timelapse)

metro movies mural

I started with a photoshoot of the people I wanted to use in the mural.  From there I added these photos to a picture I took of the building using photoshop.  This gave me an idea of the layout and how I would next create a process to paint it.

Next I took the same image and created a grid over it.  I took the measurements of the building and created a set of squares that would represent 2 feet by 2 feet on the building.  This gave me the ability to break these large portraits up into sections.  At this point I need to create a set of references to use while painting.  With something this big and being so close to the building it would be hard to judge what I was doing was correct.  I then decided to print our each square individually and just paint them one at a time.  It was kinda like trusting the bubble in a level was accurate.

mike sundell movie mural

I then picked up my paint, an exterior grade from Sherwin Williams.  5 colors primarily is what I used.  Like a typewriter I just went back and forth until a portrait was complete.  I lucked out with the weather as well.  It was sunny for most of the entire time.  And although that was nice it did add some challenges like dry time of the paint and and nice farmers tan.  All in all though I could not have asked for better weather.


Through the Metro Movies Mural I had 3 to 4 visitors today and received a great response from the local residents.  I also was fortunate to have a good amount of press being in the Middletown Press (cover) , the Hartford Courant and on Fox 61 news one night.  This was truly a wonderful experience and I am glad the owners decided to commission me to create this mural as a gift to the town.

fox 61 news with the movie mural

To see more pictures of the process feel free to view my instagram at:

middletown mural middletown movies mural    bekah b in the movie mural