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Rosie’s Theater Kids Annual Gala

Rosie’s Theater Kids

rosie's theater kidsI recently had the honor to paint a live painting at the annual event to raise money for Rosie O’donnell’s charity Rosie’s Theater Kids .  The event was held at the Marriott Marquis on Broadway in Manhattan and honored Cyndi Lauper and Jordan Roth so it seemed appropriate to have the paintings theme represent the honorees in some small way.  The goal of the evening for me was to create this painting during the cocktail hour from 6:30-7:30 ( I cheated and started at 5:30 but don’t tell anyone).    After the cocktail hour everyone headed to the 6th floor for entertainment followed by the auction and then dinner.  I was asked to bring my painting backstage and present it to Rosie on stage (which was amazing) and she proceeded to auction it off.  As an artist it is always a bit weird to have your piece auctioned off.  It is almost like standing in front of a crowd naked.  I told myself prior to the evening that I was fine with whatever it went for as it was for a great cause.  Well I definitely got more than I bargained for when the painting went for $15,000.00.  Rosie, as cool as she is turned to me and asked if I can do another one.  And of course like there is any other answer I replied, “yes!”  Well she said that she would purchase the other painting bringing the tally to $30k!  An incredible end to an amazing evening for sure.  We enjoyed seeing so many people come out for a truly great cause, the standup from Rosie was hilarious and watching the Kids who we were there to support was my favorite part.  They all were so talented it was like we were at a Broadway show.    If you are interested in donating to RTK please click this link HERE.

RTK straight text for hat

cindy lauper at rosie's theater kids gala

patrick ganino and rosie o'donnell

cindy lauper and jordan roth

rosie and patrick ganino

Bar Rescue Season 1 Episode 110

bar rescue banner

Hogtied Ham’s – Bar expert Jon Taffer attempts to save automotive-themed Angry Ham’s Garage from stalling out. Rowdy owners and stonewalling city officials are lurking right under the hood.

nancy hadly pat ganino bar rescue

Here I am with Nancy Hadley from Bar Rescue.  This project up in Framingham, Ma was such a fun and challenging project.  This project lasted nearly 18 hours to complete and the finished project ended up nearly 40 feet wide and 15 feet tall.  To watch the video click this link: Watch Here

bar rescue angry hams mural pat ganinobarrescues1octanemuralwideafter barrescues1octanerevealmural

bar rescue angry hams mural pat ganino painting

Faux Effects World magazine Volume XIV

Being very involved in the decorative painting industry for the past 12 years, I believe I have a strong grasp on what my fellow artists are experiencing throughout the country with the economy in its current state.  If asked how I’ve weathered the downturn in the economy, I’d have to respond honestly by saying, “Carefully.”

 With a market shift like we’ve seen over the last four years, it’s been even more important to focus on quality and customer service.  Exceeding our clients’ expectations in every area, from the initial consultation to the final, stunning product, results in valuable word-of-mouth referrals, a stronger reputation with designers, and more impressive portfolio.  With my best efforts out there, I’ve been able to produce three of my favorite projects during this time.  Each one is amazing and different in its own way.

The first project was an experience that has since been near and dear to my heart.   The sunroom featured here belongs to a well-known celebrity’s home and was part of a 2009 commission large enough to allow me to contact artists from around the country and work with them in this incredible home.  For 30 days we worked long, exhausting hours each day and spent each night in a cheap hotel.  One night, we returned to find our room emptied of all our belongings.  Our things had been replaced by cables and unfamiliar equipment.  Confused, we went to the office to ask the manager what had happened to our room.  He excitedly explained that we’d been suddenly moved to another room because ours was needed for a movie being filmed at the hotel.  He whispered to us, “It’s a De Niro movie!”  He showed us to our new room, where we sat outside the door until we got a glimpse of Robert De Niro being ushered to his car by huge bodyguards.  Moments like that turned one of the most challenging projects I’d done into an experience filled with friendship and unforgettable memories.

For the sunroom, we used AquaStone and fell in love with it.  AquaStone is easy to apply and gives such an original look and feel.  We used 1/16th inch tape for the grout lines, applied plaster with a trowel, and let AquaStone do the rest.  The resulting room thrilled the client and became an instant favorite of mine.

The foyer shown here is a project that I can only describe as opulent.  My portfolio features a collection of “Wow” samples that create an awed response from clients.  This project came from a “Wow” sample and certainly turned into an even more “Wow” room.  With walls 20 feet high and a dramatic vaulted ceiling, the foyer lent itself perfectly to this finish.  I started with a white metallic base, then used tintable LusterStone to add a damask pattern with a stencil by Melanie Royals.  In addition to the gorgeous walls, the ceiling features stunning gold leaf gilding.  Again, the sheer size of the job gave me the opportunity to work with other artists.  We applied more than 4,000 sheets of gold leaf to complete the foyer.  The overall effect of such beautiful finishes on walls and ceiling makes this the most elegant foyer I’ve done to date.

I’ve done many, many murals over the past 12 years, but only for the last year or so have I started to take more of a role in designing my own custom murals instead of basing an idea on something the client already had in mind.  For example, one design idea had been forming in my mind, something basic but contemporary.  I sketched it out and loved the placement of the people in the mural, how they seemd to interact, and how the mural seemed to tell a story.  Meanwhile, I’d done a string of commissions for restaurants and nightclubs and built up a reputation for murals in those establishments.  I kept pitching my mural design idea until finally I met with the right client in the right venue and everything clicked.  One restaurant owner also liked my mural design and I could finally bring this painting to life.  I started with models; three women and two men who happened to be friends of mine.  The first step involved a photo shoot with the models posed in specific ways and the lighting arranged to suit the tone of the mural.  For the background, I used principals of perspective to ensure a consistent, realistic line for the viewer’s eye.  Using an Artograph projector to project images onto the mural proved a tremendous time saver.  I used FauxCreme Colors for the figures in the mural and couldn’t be happier with the end result.  This mural is a favorite of mine and, now that it’s installed in the restaurant, looks like it was made just for that space.

While recent times can be challenging in the decorative painting industry, there are opportunities out there for artists willing to go after them.  Being able to provide outstanding results for your clients can make all the difference in the world.  Don’t compromise on quality or skimp on attention to your clients.  You never know what incredible experiences and projects that next consultation can lead to if you always strive for the best.

Eli Cannon's Tap Room Mural in Middletown, CT

Mural at Eli Cannon's, Eli Cannon's, Murals in Middletown, Murals in Connecticut, Patrick Ganino

It was the summer of 2011 and I was coming over the Portland bridge into Middletown, CT right before Eli Cannon’s.

As I stopped at a stop light at the end of Main St., I noticed a 3 story building with great potential for a mural. First off, it’s located at a stop light at one of the busiest intersections in town, which means the amount of eyes on it has to be in the thousands everyday. Second, I was having one of those moments where I wanted to paint something that excited me. Not that my last couple project weren’t fun, it was just that they did not have that “wow” factor that gets me excited as an artist. It had also been a couple of years since I painted two 12 story buildings in Brooklyn, NY, which was one of the most physically difficult yet satisfying projects I had ever completed. Also at this time, I was preparing to paint a large mural live at one of the home shows that participate in to promote my business. At the show, painting a large mural live quickly gains everybody’s attention. It works out well as it tends to gather a crowd, but it’s only one weekend and then the show’s over.

So, sitting in my car, looking at this brick wall that lends itself to a mural, I decided to paint a mural on it. Now you might be thinking, “How arrogant!” and you might be right, but I am a believer in failing forward. The name on the front of the building happened to be Eli Cannon’s, which is a really popular bar in Middletown. I was sure it was going to be tough to nail down the owner for approval on Eli Cannon's, Eli Cannon's in Middletown, Murals in Middletown, Bars in Middletownthis one. Luckily enough, I was able to get a partial approval on the first visit so I was off to create a sketch of what I wanted to do.

Actually, let me slow down a bit because I want you to understand the awkward situation I tend to create when I do a walk- in pitch on a commercial establishment. Once I find the person of interest, .e. the owner, I usually start off with something that is only as subtle as I can do. Something like, “Hi, I am Pat Ganino and I want to paint a mural on your building.” Anyone who knows me knows I speak kind of fast so what comes out typically sounds like, “Hi, I’m Paganino and I want to paint a mural on your building.” The return look is typically one of confusion, probably because I usually add a long pause after I blurt out my speedy statement. In this situation, like I was saying earlier, I was feeling kind of good and charitable so I did something I don’t typically do. I added, “If you let me paint whatever I want and promote the heck out of me, it will cost you nothing.”

Well shhhhheet, did he say FREE? “Yep, I did!” I then proceeded to show off my portfolio and a few minutes later it seemed we came to a fair agreement. With that said, I had put a deadline of 4 days to complete this mural and if it were not for a horrible storm (remember Irene?) I think I would have finished within that timeline. Nonetheless, what I did find out is that this project, The Human Ladder, was totally worth it and Eli Cannon’s owner, the manager, and the employees deserve the high praise that they get in Middletown, CT. There was a celebration on the 22nd of September at Eli Cannon’s where t-shirts were sold commemorating the mural. You can currently purchase these shirts from Eli’s newest endeavor across the street, Eli Cannon’s Trading Post. Enough of me blabbering on, I hope you enjoy this mural I created and if you are ever in town please check it out!

Day 1

Eli Cannon's, Eli Cannon's in Middletown, bars in Middletown, murals in Middletown, Patrick Ganino

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5 Finale

Eli Cannon's, Eli Cannon's in Middlertown, bars in Middletown, murals in Connecticut

Eli Cannon's in Middletown, murals in Connecticut, bars in Middletown, Patrick Ganino, The Human Ladder


Middletown Artist Ready for Show Saturday at Gallore Gallery

Middletown Press by CLAIRE MICHALEWICZ – 05/04/2011


After over a decade working as an artist, Patrick Ganino is looking forward to his first-ever gallery show, in his hometown of Middletown. Ganino’s show opens at Gallore Gallery on Washington Street on Saturday.

Ganino explained that he got his start as a painter in the late 1990s, when faux wood or stone finishes were popular for decorating interiors. Ganino said he had always wanted to be an artist, so he dropped out of college in Florida and started working.

“It didn’t make sense not to do it,” Ganino said.

At the time, he said, there were many TV shows dedicated to interior decorating, and he has been featured on several of those shows. Ganino still does interior work today, at businesses and private residences around the country, and also recently finished a multi-story mural in New York. Locally, his work can be seen at Esca Wine Bar, where he designed the faux stone walls and wine barrels.

Many of the interior designs, he said, can take weeks to finish, though he usually has help from other artists. Ganino said he and some of the other artists in the area often collaborate on larger projects.

“It’s cool, the fact that we’re all friendly,” he said. Working on large projects, he said, is “an unbelievable networking experience.”

When he’s not doing those projects, he said, he’s creating paintings in his Durham studio.

The faux finishes work their way into Ganino’s art — one piece shows a cabinet door with a note taped on it, with the note and the masking tape all meticulously crafted from paint. Another large piece shows an easel with a painting on it, along with an artist’s tools: a photo, a sketch, and a palette loaded with paint.

Another major influence, Ganino said, is Norman Rockwell. His Rockwell-inspired pieces include realistic scenes of everyday life, including a large painting of several of his family members gathered around a barbecue. To put together the painting, Ganino explained, he took hundreds of photos, selecting the best shot of each person and arranging them as a composite. Then, he started painting.

“You can see people interacting with each other,” he said. “It looks natural.”

Ganino grew up in the Farm Hill area of Middletown, attending local public schools and then Xavier High School. He now lives in Madison with his wife and three children.

For his first-show to be in Middletown, he said, is like a homecoming. Ganino said he’d had people he went to school with finding out about the gallery opening and contacting him about it, after having been out of touch for years. At the show, he said, he hopes he’ll see more Middletown people he knows.

“It felt like the right thing,” he said. “It seems kind of like the perfect fit.”

“I think you always want to, as an artist,” he said of having a show in a gallery, though he hadn’t been making specific plans to do one. “The fact that it’s a solo exhibition is even cooler.”

But Ganino said that when he saw that Gallore Gallery had recently opened, he went in, introduced himself to the owner, Roy Moorer, and asked if there were any upcoming times for a show. May was open, Ganino said, “so I grabbed it.”

“Pat’s a good guy,” Moorer said. “He’s also passionate about what he does.”

Gallore Gallery opened in February, Moorer said, and they’ve had several shows since opening. Gallore has featured art from local artists, as well as hosting a show featuring art from all over the world.

“He’s very talented,” Moorer said. “With his experiences, we thought he was more than capable. We thought his work is in line with what we want to do with the gallery.”

Ganino’s show opens at Gallore Gallery, 68 Washington St., on Saturday, May 7, and runs through May 31.

 To view more pictures from this event click here: 

Kitchen Nightmares Season 4 Episode 9

Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey by FOX – 03/25/2011

ramseys kitchen nightmares logo

In this episode of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares we were brought in to make the wainscotting look like wood and to gild the walls in the bar area.  It was a long night with the typical pitfalls and challenges that come with a time sensitive job like this.  All in all it came out great.  Here are some pics from the job created at:

Café Tavolini

3074 Fairfield Ave.

Bridgeport, CT. 06605


(below) Detail shot of

pat ganino painting wayne scottingPatrick Ganino painting the wayne scotting to look like oak wood.





















patrick ganino finished product ramseys kitchen nightmareswayne scotting wood impression patrick ganino

30 Foot Mural Painted At The Homeshow

Jenks Productions by CE – 11/01/2010

Hartford Expo 2010 30 ft mural

WHEN: Nov 5th – Nov 7th, 2010
WHERE: Connecticut Expo Center
265 Reverend Moody Overpass
Hartford, CT

SHOW HOURS: Friday, 5pm to 9pm
Saturday, 10am to 9pm
Sunday, 10am to 5pm

TICKETS: $8 Adults, $7 Seniors, Children 12 & under FREE

pat ganino jack and the beanstalk 30 ft

Tabitha’s Salon Takeover

Tabitha’s Salon Takeover by Bravo – 09/08/2010

tabathas salon takeover banner

In this episode, we were brought in for a head to toe makeover with paint.  Although there were many other things going on with the art direction I had my hands full; thankfully I had Mike there to assist me.  Mike dug into the walls as I worked on the signage that was just brought in the door earlier, which was raw wood in need of some color.  There were also these very cool leave designs that we painted throughout the salon.  After a long nights worth of work we headed back to Connecticut.  I do love Boston!

avanti salon sign by pat ganinopat ganino for tabithas salon takeover at avanti salon


tabathasbostonsalonafter tabathasbostonwindowsafter

It's All In The Details

Design New Jersey magazine – 07/09/2010

junejuly2010 design new jersey

Architectural accents, and luxurious colors and fabrics add personality to a home in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey.



pat ganino new jersey home painting muralurn mural new jersey home pat ganino artpat ganino painting sky in new jersey home