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Dennis Rodman mural

Dennis Rodman mural

I had the honor of creating this Dennis Rodman mural as a giveaway to Dennis Rodman’s fan base.  This giveaway is hosted on and is signed by Dennis himself.

dennis rodman and patrick ganino mural

I’ve started painting portraits almost 20 years ago.  The majority of the time, no matter how accurate I am in my painting, I feel a lot of the energy of the finished piece comes from the composition and the subject of the painting.  Being a huge fan of the Chicago Bulls growing up, I found it amazing to watch Dennis Rodman play basketball.  I can’t think of a subject more exciting to the viewer or more interesting to me as a painter.   Dennis effortlessly exudes all of the energy and excitement that makes a portrait great.  As an artist, I couldn’t ask for a better
Dennis Rodman mural
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mural of dennis rodman by patrick ganino

Speed Painting of Grammy Winner Melanie Fiona at Us Restaurant & Lounge

Speed painting Grammy Winner Melanie Fiona at Us Restaurant & Lounge was definitely a wonderful experience to be a part of.  I love painting portraits live and even more than that I love painting portraits live when I am allotted only a certain amount of time.  There is something so much fun about having a bunch of people watch  you create a painting from start to finish.

Us Restaurant and Lounge hosted an amazing evening with Singer Melanie Fiona as the headliner.  I had been excited all week prior to the event because I was asked to paint a painting of this lovely singer live at the show.  This I could do!  Walking into the event I didn’t really know what to expect.  I knew where I was painting and what I was painting but what surprised me was the sheer energy in the room.  Entering at 8 pm to set up the restaurant was already filled with over a hundred and fifty guests and they were still pouring in.  Passing by the tables and seeing all the wonderful meals got me a little hungry so I had a pre-painting meal of Salmon Wellington cooked to perfection.  I started painting around 1030pm, not too long after I could hear some commotion behind me and there she was in the flesh.  Melanie Fiona was standing there with a huge smile on her face that was more than just contagious she was amazing.  She was so nice and gracious.  After a few words back and forth she had to go up on stage and do her thing.  It was when she started singer that I was completely blow away.  It was definitely a bit surreal painting a picture of this talented musical artist while she is on stage not to far from me singing.  I have to say that if you are going to paint a live painting I recommend painting a singer while they are singing!  Once she completed her set she made her way back to the painting and shot some pictures in front of it and was good enough to sign it.  What really made my day was seeing later that she gave me a shout out on Twitter and Instagram.  Now that is cool!


Painting Judge Judy Sheinland's House in Greenwich, CT

JJ Home in Greenwich, CT

Home of Judy Sheinland in Greenwich, CTIn April of 2008, I had the opportunity to work in a new home owned by TV celebrity Judy Sheindlin (“Judge Judy”).  The home was nearing completion, and we had 30 days to finish the faux work in this 20,000 square foot home.  This was a lot of square footage in a short period of time and I needed to make sure I had a crew that could live up to this.  Mike Sundell, my foreman, was more than willing to take on this enormous job, but we knew we needed the help of other professional artists.  Local artist Holly Whiting was on board with the project, and through our industry site  I brought in artists from other areas to help us finish the job by our deadline.  We were joined by Ryan Sentz from Maryland who would paint a 12 story building in NYC a few years later with me, Craig Walsh from Delaware,  Tania Seabock from California, and Sherry Sparks, also from California.  We lived in hotel rooms for weeks at a time, worked 12 and 13 hour days, and still managed to have a good time.  These Forum members, fellow artists and friends, all gave 110% and completed the job with no real hitch.

From wood graining to decorative plaster work to a plethora of finishes, we had a home run on our hands.  One of the perks of working on this project was working with father and daughter design team Martin Kuckly and Associates.  This top notch design firm created, in my own opinion, one of the nicest homes I have ever seen.  Their style was impeccable and they were really wonderful  to work with.

Around two weeks into the project, the homeowner herself arrived and stayed for the duration of our work.  It was so nice to meet Mrs. Sheinland in person.  You see so much of her on TV that it creates a preconceived notion of who she is.  In person, she was the epitome of class;  a really nice person, along with her husband.   One of the most amazing parts of the whole experience was watching builder Mark Mariano and his crew work.  I have never seen a more efficient and hard working group of individuals.  Mark is a tough man who gets things done!  At the end of the day the decorator and client were thrilled with our work, and we all came away from the job with a new respect for each other, new skills,  and stronger friendship.

woodgraining by Patrick Ganino in Greenwich, CT

detail of woodgrain recreating pickled oak

pickled oak on the trim with palster walls

plaster walls in greenwich, ct

faux stone walls made in plaster in greenwich, ct

John Daly mural in Arkansas Pro Golfer

John Daly

One of the highlights of 2012 for me, so far, was getting a referral to paint a mural for John Daly, the professional golfer from Arkansas who won the PGA Tournament in 1991 and the British Open in 1995.

Known as the wild man of golf, John (aka Long John for his strength off the tee) also has the ability of a surgeon with his short game. He is a true talent in the field and a hero in his hometown.

John DalyI was referred by another artist to the Golf Channel, who called inquiring about a mural for John Daly’s home.  The intent was to film this process for an episode of the Dave Feherty show.  After creating a composition that John and his girlfriend approved, I needed to figure the best way to paint this piece.  My studio is 7 feet tall and the painting was over 9 feet tall and 12 feet 10 inches wide. The Golf Channel sent a video camera out to my studio to film the entire process of the painting.  I was also sponsored by Faux Effects out of Florida and happily used their paints to create this mural.  Being a Connecticut mural painter for over 13 years, I love painting large murals and enjoy more the notoriety that came with this project.

One of the interesting elements of this mural was that I had to paint half of it upside down due to the height problem of my studio.  So, flipping the canvas around I completed the second half of the mural upside down, using my digital camera to check for accuracy as the mural progressed.  With a flight booked to leave for Arkansas to install this mural, I had ten days to complete the project.  Mapping out how much painting I needed to have done to finish in time, I felt confident that it would be complete in time for the trip.  Calling ahead, I found a reliable wallpaper installer in Arkansas to install the canvas once I arrived.  Arriving at the airport we found that the oversize canvas would not fit into the plane we were taking and had to travel in a later, larger, flight.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad nervous about this, but thankfully it arrived safely and I was only asked a half dozen times what I had in such a large package (javelins maybe?).

John Daly

John DalyMaking the hour and a half journey north out of Little Rock to Russelville where our hotel was located seemed to take an eternity as we finally arrived at 1 in the morning.  Early to rise, I finally met my correspondent from the Golf Channel, Dave Haas, and the film crew as we headed off to Dardanelle and the home of Golf Pro John Daly!  Arriving at 9 am, we passed the Lion’s Den, John Daly’s golf course across the street from his home.  Entering his home you realize it is a personal representation of who he is, a warm and lived in home.  His daughters were home for the summer and not only friendly but hospitable and extremely helpful.  At the club house we had burgers and met more of the Daly clan, all John Dalyequally nice and friendly.  A self created compound filled with family seemed exactly like a perfect world to me, one that would make sense as a goal to have from a hugely successful career (or great end game).

To top it all off, the installation of the mural couldn’t have gone better.  Considering all of the little snafus that could come up when doing a mural off site, never seeing the wall it would be on, bring the mural halfway across the country, and installing it with a crew I’d never worked for before, presented so many possible problems.  In spite of my concerns, every step went perfectly and everyone involved seemed thrilled with the outcome!

John Daly


Bar Rescue Season 1 Episode 110

bar rescue banner

Hogtied Ham’s – Bar expert Jon Taffer attempts to save automotive-themed Angry Ham’s Garage from stalling out. Rowdy owners and stonewalling city officials are lurking right under the hood.

nancy hadly pat ganino bar rescue

Here I am with Nancy Hadley from Bar Rescue.  This project up in Framingham, Ma was such a fun and challenging project.  This project lasted nearly 18 hours to complete and the finished project ended up nearly 40 feet wide and 15 feet tall.  To watch the video click this link: Watch Here

bar rescue angry hams mural pat ganinobarrescues1octanemuralwideafter barrescues1octanerevealmural

bar rescue angry hams mural pat ganino painting

Kitchen Nightmares Season 4 Episode 9

Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey by FOX – 03/25/2011

ramseys kitchen nightmares logo

In this episode of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares we were brought in to make the wainscotting look like wood and to gild the walls in the bar area.  It was a long night with the typical pitfalls and challenges that come with a time sensitive job like this.  All in all it came out great.  Here are some pics from the job created at:

Café Tavolini

3074 Fairfield Ave.

Bridgeport, CT. 06605


(below) Detail shot of

pat ganino painting wayne scottingPatrick Ganino painting the wayne scotting to look like oak wood.





















patrick ganino finished product ramseys kitchen nightmareswayne scotting wood impression patrick ganino

Kitchen Nightmares Season 4 Episode 9

In this episode of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares we were brought in to make the wainscoting look like wood and to gild the walls in the bar area.  It was a long night with the typical pitfalls and challenges that come with a time sensitive job like this.  This was one of my favorite shows that I have worked on.  My friend Nancy Hadley who was the art director of the show called me in to work on the project and I always love working with her.  It was the middle of winter which, because of the extreme cold, limited us to what we really could bring.  The flurry of activity and lack of heated storage space meant we had to be careful to avoid letting our supplies freeze!

We arrived around 10pm and started working immediately.  The white panels at the lower half of the wall needed to be wood grained, which is a multiple layer project.  First, the area needs to be base coated with latex paint.  This dried quickly enough but midway though the night I found the second layer, or “graining” layer, was still damp and not drying.  We brought in heaters to force it to dry but this kept blowing out the circuits and shutting the cameras off (whoops) so we had to move on to something else and let it dry naturally.  By the time we finally finished up the toning (3rd) layer at around 8am, we were all was exhausted.  In the last hour my friend Nancy was battling it out with a nail gun which was certainly a sight to see!

After getting home and taking a nap for awhile I was back up and dressing for dinner.  We got the invite to dinner that night at the filming and re-opening of the restaurant.  During dinner, Gordon Ramsay came up to our table and I think my wife was about to leave me.  He was extremely charming and witty.  On Part 3 0f 3 on the videos below, you will see me at the 6 minute mark saying, “Phenomenal!” and enjoying dinner with my wife, sister and brother in law.   It was a lot of fun working on Café Tavolini!

kitchennightmarestavolinibarafter kitchennightmarestavoliniCTafter


Tabitha’s Salon Takeover

Tabitha’s Salon Takeover by Bravo – 09/08/2010

tabathas salon takeover banner

In this episode, we were brought in for a head to toe makeover with paint.  Although there were many other things going on with the art direction I had my hands full; thankfully I had Mike there to assist me.  Mike dug into the walls as I worked on the signage that was just brought in the door earlier, which was raw wood in need of some color.  There were also these very cool leave designs that we painted throughout the salon.  After a long nights worth of work we headed back to Connecticut.  I do love Boston!

avanti salon sign by pat ganinopat ganino for tabithas salon takeover at avanti salon


tabathasbostonsalonafter tabathasbostonwindowsafter

Kitchen Nighmares Season 2 Episode 11

Kitchen Nighmares with Gordon Ramsey by FOX – 04/11/2010

ramseys kitchen nightmares logo

In this episode Gordon visits Flemming’s trying to revive this Danish restaurant in Miami, Florida.  We got the nod to participate in this project and quickly flew down to help out.  Once there the full scope of the job we were to do was apparent and we dove right in.  A full night of painting outside came to a screeching hault after an unexpected storm rolled in threatening to ruin the work we already started.  After we scurried inside with all we had started we were able to move on to the interior walls.  As the hours rolled by and sunset was around the corner we worked fast and hard to finish up the interior walls of the NEW Flemming’s restaurant.

pat ganino ramseys kitchen nightmares danish florida