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Metro Movies Mural

Metro Movies Mural

The Metro Movies Mural resides in Middletown, CT and is over 3000 square feet.  In this mural I painted 9 large scale portraits of local residents and added my children and wife in there as well.  The mural faces route 9 and will be seen by a million people a year.

finished mural

This project was conceived in February of 2016 and I started the project in August after going through the planning process with the town.  Once it was approved I created a game plan that allowed me to move freely through the project in a timely manner.  The entirety of the Metro Movies Mural was 23 days.

Press received during project:

MIddletown Press

Fox 61 News

Hartford Courant

Fox 61 News (with timelapse)

metro movies mural

I started with a photoshoot of the people I wanted to use in the mural.  From there I added these photos to a picture I took of the building using photoshop.  This gave me an idea of the layout and how I would next create a process to paint it.

Next I took the same image and created a grid over it.  I took the measurements of the building and created a set of squares that would represent 2 feet by 2 feet on the building.  This gave me the ability to break these large portraits up into sections.  At this point I need to create a set of references to use while painting.  With something this big and being so close to the building it would be hard to judge what I was doing was correct.  I then decided to print our each square individually and just paint them one at a time.  It was kinda like trusting the bubble in a level was accurate.

mike sundell movie mural

I then picked up my paint, an exterior grade from Sherwin Williams.  5 colors primarily is what I used.  Like a typewriter I just went back and forth until a portrait was complete.  I lucked out with the weather as well.  It was sunny for most of the entire time.  And although that was nice it did add some challenges like dry time of the paint and and nice farmers tan.  All in all though I could not have asked for better weather.


Through the Metro Movies Mural I had 3 to 4 visitors today and received a great response from the local residents.  I also was fortunate to have a good amount of press being in the Middletown Press (cover) , the Hartford Courant and on Fox 61 news one night.  This was truly a wonderful experience and I am glad the owners decided to commission me to create this mural as a gift to the town.

fox 61 news with the movie mural

To see more pictures of the process feel free to view my instagram at:

middletown mural middletown movies mural    bekah b in the movie mural

Dennis Rodman mural

Dennis Rodman mural

I had the honor of creating this Dennis Rodman mural as a giveaway to Dennis Rodman’s fan base.  This giveaway is hosted on and is signed by Dennis himself.

dennis rodman and patrick ganino mural

I’ve started painting portraits almost 20 years ago.  The majority of the time, no matter how accurate I am in my painting, I feel a lot of the energy of the finished piece comes from the composition and the subject of the painting.  Being a huge fan of the Chicago Bulls growing up, I found it amazing to watch Dennis Rodman play basketball.  I can’t think of a subject more exciting to the viewer or more interesting to me as a painter.   Dennis effortlessly exudes all of the energy and excitement that makes a portrait great.  As an artist, I couldn’t ask for a better
Dennis Rodman mural
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mural of dennis rodman by patrick ganino

Portrait of Burt Young

burt young I had the honor of being introduced to the amazing Burt Young.  Burt is an incredible man and a talented artist.  I am paraphrasing a bit here but he told me that all he needs is a canvas and some colors and he is happy as can be.  After spending some time with Burt and getting to know him a bit I decided to start my painting of him.  I pick one of the original Rocky films where he portrayed Uncle Paulie in.  I felt this was such a great way to immortalize him and it is such a classic character.   He seemed to like it very much and that is my story, I am sticking to it!


rocky steps

Creative family projects!

Here are some fun creative projects that we have done over the years. From neat pumpkin carving to snow sculptures and of course my favorite is painting my boys faces.  Hopeful my kids will take the creativity of their youth with them into adulthood.

Snow Snoopy

Carving the Snoopy Snowman in 2015 was a blast.  We kept getting slammed with snowstorms and it just kept building up ultimately leaving us with the perfect snow for packing!  You can see our big snow head in the background as well.   A friend of ours sent the picture into the local news and it ended up getting a minute on channel 3.

snoopy snowman


snoopy snow sculpture

cool snowman

Mini Joker and Mini Two Face

One of my favorite paint session with the boys.  I had been begging my youngest to let me paint him up like the Joker, I mean look at him, he has the perfect hair for it.  Eventually Connecticon in Hartford, CT came around and they were down with letting me have my way!  My other boy ended up being an awesome Two Face and the two had a blast giving their signature pose!

mini joker and mini twoface

joker makeup

joker and two face makeup

Werewolf Make up and Reaper Make up

Two of my favorite Halloweens were these.  The boys rocked there costumes so well.  It was crazy to see them.  Werewolf and Reaper killed it that year.

reaper makeup

werewolf makeup

Pumpkin Carving

Always love to get our hands on pumpkins every Halloween.  I definitely started the tradition but the kids have gotten into it just as much as I have and are coming up with their own sick design.  Love it.

cool pumpkin

star wars pumpkin

Lego Portrait

Finding the lego app on the iphone quickly became a welcomed challenge and also a hair pulling event.  After I completed two of these my mother actually turned them into a cross stitch which when completed was quickly framed and hung on our wall.

lego portrait

Team T at Ashley’s Ice Cream

For years we have been going to Ashley’s ice cream in Madison, CT.  One of the cool things other than their ice cream is they have a wall of drawings created by the guest who eat their.  When my youngest was well uh younger he used to call us “Team T” and we ended up doing our first drawing and signing it this way.  This ended up becoming our ongoing signature and as time went on our drawing became more elaborate.  From Mike from Monsters inc, Iron Man, How to Train your Dragon, Calvin and Hobbes, Fat Man, The Invincibles, Zombies vs Plants, the Shark from Finding Nemo and more we have had a great time over the years adding to the wall.

team t  drawings at ashleys ice cream in madison ct

Go Pink Project in Middletown, CT

go pink projectGo Pink Project in Middletown, CT

Go Pink Project in Middletown, CT is now in its 5th year, the goPINK Project supports women facing breast cancer in our community. During the month of October, salons, businesses and schools come together to raise funds for Middlesex Hospital’s Cancer Center. Donations cover the costs of integrative medicine therapy for patients, a complement to conventional treatment that focuses on the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Patients choose from yoga, Reiki, massage, reflexology, meditation and more.

Founded in 2010 by the owners of EG Salon in Middletown, CT, the project has grown to over 30 participating salons, businesses and schools. Learn how you can participate by clicking HERE.

go pink project middletown ct

go pink project at la boca

Go Pink Project in Middletown, CT

Rosie’s Theater Kids Annual Gala

Rosie’s Theater Kids

rosie's theater kidsI recently had the honor to paint a live painting at the annual event to raise money for Rosie O’donnell’s charity Rosie’s Theater Kids .  The event was held at the Marriott Marquis on Broadway in Manhattan and honored Cyndi Lauper and Jordan Roth so it seemed appropriate to have the paintings theme represent the honorees in some small way.  The goal of the evening for me was to create this painting during the cocktail hour from 6:30-7:30 ( I cheated and started at 5:30 but don’t tell anyone).    After the cocktail hour everyone headed to the 6th floor for entertainment followed by the auction and then dinner.  I was asked to bring my painting backstage and present it to Rosie on stage (which was amazing) and she proceeded to auction it off.  As an artist it is always a bit weird to have your piece auctioned off.  It is almost like standing in front of a crowd naked.  I told myself prior to the evening that I was fine with whatever it went for as it was for a great cause.  Well I definitely got more than I bargained for when the painting went for $15,000.00.  Rosie, as cool as she is turned to me and asked if I can do another one.  And of course like there is any other answer I replied, “yes!”  Well she said that she would purchase the other painting bringing the tally to $30k!  An incredible end to an amazing evening for sure.  We enjoyed seeing so many people come out for a truly great cause, the standup from Rosie was hilarious and watching the Kids who we were there to support was my favorite part.  They all were so talented it was like we were at a Broadway show.    If you are interested in donating to RTK please click this link HERE.

RTK straight text for hat

cindy lauper at rosie's theater kids gala

patrick ganino and rosie o'donnell

cindy lauper and jordan roth

rosie and patrick ganino